Our company

Our company "Health Management & PilatesCare GmbH" in Zurich, Switzerland is a training school for therapists and a business consultancy in corporate health management since 2006.

Who are we?
We are specialized in improving the spinal core muscles and to improve the health condition. Our health services are especially for rehab, health and prevention trainings. All these concepts are based on medical and health researches.

  • Rehab and therapy training for therapists - PilatesCare
  • Health care on the job
  • inflightPC Aviation Inflight Health Concept

inflightPC Aviation Inflight Health Concept
The inflightPC program is an inflight workout concept for passengers and airlines. This program contains especially Pilates and Basic Health exercises in sitting and lying positions. The inflightPC workout program has a constructional sequencing to boost strength in a safety and efficient way. Besides improving the health condition of the passengers on board this concept supports the cabin crew with health care instructions on the job.
Our aim is to improve health and the well-being condition on board.

CEO and Founder
CEO Danny Birchler, Swiss, 44 years, developed the rehab and therapy concept with Pilates "Rehab - PilatesCare" as well the inflight health workout program "inflightPC". He started with fitness and sports in 1998 when he worked as a banker. Over time he studied health and fitness as well as psychology. He has been specialized with the Pilates method and trained fitness instructors in a fitness and sports training school.
He designed several special health & back muscles programs "Rehab - PilatesCare", "Health care on the job" and "inflightPC" with his health and well-being experiences of over 20 years, with references of his scientific studies as well with other health and medical researches. In addition he inspired several fashion magazines as an health expert with well-being editorial articles as Vogue, Men's Health, Shape and other magazines and newspapers.

Since 2006 he trains rehabilitation physiotherapists in Switzerland with his special back muscles program and works in corporate health management for different companies. In 2017 he opened his own health and rehab training school in Zurich.

His idea is to motivate and impress people with a new way of health.

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Danny Birchler

  • CEO and Founder of Health Management & PilatesCare GmbH
  • BSc in Science of Applied Psychology
    (Specialized in industrial and organizational psychology,
    corporate health management)
  • Developer of the PilatesCare rehab technique, health care on the job program and inflightPC
  • Consultant for health projects in companies
  • Health & Pilates expert with health editorial articles
  • 20 years of health and wellbeing experiences
  • Pilates Trainer
  • Health and rehab trainer
  • Lecturer for therapists with the rehab PilatesCare technique in Switzerland since 2006
  • Lecturer with the Pilates method at the international fitness conventions in Switzerland and Germany 2001 - 2007
  • Banker 1998 - 2005

 (Picture of Danny Birchler at the PilatesCare rehab training 2017)