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inflight PowerCore        inflight PilatesCare        Inflight PersonalCare

  • Health workout program especially with Pilates and Basic Health exercises
  • Health exercises in sitting and lying positions
  • Sequencing training for a constructive inflight health workout session
  • Special power core breathing technique for an efficient abdominal strength
  • Safety neck muscles exercises
  • Back care workout with fascia training
  • Boost body strength, stability and flexibility on board
  • High quality of health workout on board
  • Getting a higher cardio vascular system (prevents thrombosis)
  • Improving the oxygen transfer during the flight
  • Less spine pressure during long sitting periods
  • Feel refreshed and relaxed after the flight

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inflightPC workout program for passengers

Over 30 inflightPC exercises in sitting position to boost core muscles as well arms and legs during the  flight.

Make your flight special and improve your health and well-being condition on board.

inflightPC health entertainment concept for airlines

Health exercises with the inflightPC concept to develop the inflight entertainment on board. Our health program can be adjusted for the individual services of the airline.

A new way of health with the inflightPC program on board.

Aviation inflight health care AIHC training for the cabin crew

Cabin crew training to extend the health care knowledge. The cabin crew will be trained how to improve health on the job, how to increase the health service on board as well how to support the health condition of the passengers with our "AIHC - Aviation Inflight Health Care" concept.