Aviation Inflight Health Care "AIHC" training for the cabin crew

Our health management team trains the cabin crew with health care instructions to improve health on the job, to increase the health service on board as well to support the health condition of the passengers.

Besides having a professional board service knowledge cabin crew members can promote an advanced health care knowledge with our "AIHC - Aviation Inflight Health Care" concept. The cabin crew will be trained how to keep their health on board and how to boost efficiently the core on the job (during the service on board as well during take off and landing). In addition we show how passengers can be adviced with health issues to increase the comfort on board.

It is well-known that the cabin crew has a serious responsibility on board. All the more it is important to keep the health and having a strong body on the job.

Keep the health condition at work and
get a long-lasting power core.

Please contact CEO Danny Birchler for an inflight training proposal in corporate health management.