inflightPC concept for airlines

Entertain and impress your passengers with our special health inflightPC workout program for an exciting flight.

Our company "Health Management & PilatesCare GmbH" consults and supports airlines to develop their inflight entertainment with specific health exercise programs.

We design inflight health packages to promote health and well-being for passengers on board. We show to airlines which health opportunities are possible on board and provide a health package for their individual services.

What makes our inflight health concept beneficial?
The benefit and the aim of this inflightPC workout program is a entire body workout to promote strenght and flexibility as well as training the fascia during the flight. Our inflightPC concept has especially Pilates and Basic Health exercises in sitting and lying positions. Exercises in lying positions are particular for business and first class with seats who can be converted in a fully-flat bed.
In addition we use a special power breathing technique in this health program. In order that the deeper layers of the core muscles can be strenghtened in a safety way. Moreover this concept has a constructional sequencing with a training duration from 5 until 20 minutes. All these exercises are based on health and rehab researches and have been chosen and illustrated through proven practial experiences.

This inflightPC concept makes your inflight entertainment unique for an excellent and high comfort of flying.

Our inflightPC health concept contains several programs

  • Pilates and Basic Health exercises in sitting and lying positions
  • Special back care workout with fascia training
  • Safety neck muscles exercises
  • Wake up treatment after a long distance flight
  • Relaxation and well-being treatment

Impress and surprise passengers with selected inflightPC exercises. We release a new inflighPC workout program on demand for example every month or every 6 month to keep passengers entertained and inspired. This concept can be modified for each class category to suit the operational needs. We support airlines to develop an own health inflight entertainment program.

Health condition today
In future, more and more people will develop back and especially neck problems both from long sitting periods and using permanently technological gadgets. This can lead back and neck tension and it may cause longterm back pain.
All the more passengers will be grateful and impressed having an efficient health program on board.

Boost health and well-being on board

Please contact CEO Danny Birchler for more information.