inflighPC workout program

Boost your health on board and make your flight exciting

Thank you to Lufthansa Training Switzerland AG in Zurich for supporting passengers to improve health on board! (The inflightPC pictures has been taken in their location.)


Please be fasten seat belt while doing the inflightPC workout
and take care of your sitting neighbours.

Always advice your crew staff before doing the inflightPC exercises.
Every airline has his own safety and service rules on board.

Please be informed that some inflightPC exercises are not for all
class categories suitable. This inflightPC program has exercises with the
flexband too and are designed for business and first class.

The information and the illustrated health exercises in this inflightPC program represents the experiences and opinions of the developer of this health concept. It has been created based on his expertise and observations. All the exercises have been chosen and illustrated through proven practical experiences. They are suitable for people who can physically move without pain or restrictions. It is the individual's responsibility to decide how frequently and which exercise to perform. All participants in this inflightPC activities must assume the responsibility for their own actions and safety. If uncertain, please contact your doctor or therapist for further advice. If you have health problems or medical conditions, consult with your physician before undertaking any of the activities set out in this inflightPC health program. Neither the developer or supplier are responsible or liable for any injuries or impairments that may result through the practical directions and use of this inflightPC workout program.

The participant acknowledges acceptance of these instructions as soon as
 the inflightPC workout program will be practiced


Start with the inflightPC workout

Please follow the instructions of each exercise.